John and Millie (Sandlin) Hunter had 11 children.  This is a tribute video to them and their children.  They left us with a rich and full legacy.

The Clan Hunter motto is "Cursum Perficio" which translated means "I accomplish the hunt" or "I finish the course" - this beautiful song of our family motto is performed by Enya and includes many photos I took during my trip to Scotland.

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We will convert any old reel to reel or other copies of Hunter family memories into electronic format.  Keep in mind that old film, cassette tapes, etc. begin to deteriorate over time and you don't want to lose them.

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Hunter Legacy - The Descendants of George Washington Hunter © All rights reserved.

The Descendants of George Washington Hunter ~ 1815-1880 

Hunter Family Network

These images were filmed in 1921 in Metamora, Indiana on the Hunter Homestead.  Click on the link next to this text to see a version that include captions identifying

some of the people.

Many of our Hunter ancestors would travel to the big city (Cincinnati) for fun times.  So, the Ohio River and riverboats were common to them.  Hear the actual whistle of the "Eugene Dana Smith" riverboat as many of our ancestors heard it.

Joe Clark was a scoundrel of a man.  His womanizing and poor character were notorious in the Sexton Creek and Clay County, Kentucky area.  What most Hunters don't know is that he was an uncle to many of them - at least those married into the Sandlin family.