The Descendants of George Washington Hunter ~ 1815-1880 

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cora (hunter) grimes

October 27, 1908 - April 12, 1989

william roscoe hunter

April 12, 1911 - January 6, 1966

cleo (Hunter) Robinson

March 9, 1913 - January 26, 1983

robert clyde hunter

March 12, 1915 - July 9, 1989

callie (hunter) Smith

November 3, 1901 - August 12, 1979

George Ellis Hunter

May 3, 1904 - November 30, 1908

John Anderson Hunter Family- 1910
front: Cora, Conley - back: Oscar, John, Millie and Callie

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virgil howard hunter

June 6, 1923 - January 9, 1975

Conley Hunter

October 27, 1906 - December 9, 1997

John Anderson Hunter was known as "Ance" to his family and friends.  Ance was a common nickname for Anderson.  He was a farmer and a music teacher.  John spent the first part of his life in Sexton Creek, but had moved to Cincinnati, Ohio by 1920.  In March of 1923, he bought the Hunter Homestead on Pipe Creek in Metamora, Indiana.

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Oscar green hunter

May 5, 1899 - September 12, 1985

Tobacco was one of the crops that John and his family farmed in Metamora.  It was in this barn that the tobacco would hang for drying.

​Millie Francis Sandlin

Ance's wife, Millie Francis Sandlin, was born out of wedlock to John Glenn and Sarah Sandlin.  It is for this reason that she carried her mother's surname before her marriage.  She was a strong Christian woman who gave birth to eleven children and raised ten of them into adulthood.  She chewed tobacco, which was partly responsible for her decaying teeth and it is the reason you rarely see her smiling in photographs of her.  She could read, but could not write.  When she would receive a letter she would read it and ask one of her daughters (usually Cora) to help her write the response.  So, when you see images of her letters, keep in mind that while they are her words, they are not in her handwriting.  Trips to Grandma's house was common for Millie's dozens of grandchildren.  After suffering from a series of strokes, she passed away on June 16, 1955.

ernest hunter

May 6, 1920 - March 4, 1988

ernestine (hunter) Noah

May 6, 1920 - February 14, 2002

Ance's eleven children

John Anderson Hunter

born June 12, 1876 - died June 7, 1936

John Anderson Hunter was the son of Nathan and Nancy (Fields) Hunter.  He was born in Sexton Creek, Clay

County, Kentucky and died in Metamora, Franklin County, Indiana.  He married Millie Francis Sandlin on

December 16, 1897 and the couple had eleven (11) children: Oscar Hunter, Callie Hunter, George Hunter, Conley

Hunter, Cora Hunter, William Hunter, Cleo Hunter, Clyde Hunter, Ernest Hunter, Ernestine Hunter and Virgil Hunter.